May 8, 2017

How to Sign up for the Summer Weekly Class

If you are intending to take weekly class this summer (i.e. Jule through August), everyone including current students will need to register online. With the new scheduling software in place, the registration process will be a little different from last year.  Here is a quick how-to guide on registering for your summer weekly class.

Step 1: Choose Your Package

As with last year, I require a minimum 4-session commitment during the summer session.  Which means that you can choose any 4 sessions over the course of June, July and August.  If you can’t commit more than 4, please select the starter package.  If you would like to take more classes, I have “Book 7 for the price of 6” package.  The package is sold by the class location, so please make sure you are purchasing the package that corresponds to the right location for your class times.

If you will be taking classes at both my studio and the Art House, please skip this section and go to Step 2.  You will be booking the classes individually.

Step 2: Redeem Your Package

Signing up for the Classes

Check your email for the receipt that contains your gift certificate code to redeem your package.  Now, go back to the website and scroll down to Step 2, which is found at the bottom of the page.  Click on the class location and you will see the calendar pictured above.  Go ahead and click on the purple button to redeem your package.  You may enter your code or your email address.

On the calendar, the letter shown in bold indicates the days I am having a class at the location you selected.  Please note that when you are viewing my studio classes, you will not be able to see the Art House Classes.  For those of you who will be taking classes at both, please sign up one location at a time.


Choose a Class Date and Time

Simply click on the date to see the class times available. Click on the time you would like to sign up.

If you are signing up multiple days at once…

Please click on “book more class times”.  Clicking on “book only one class” will take you to the check out with a single class.

If you are taking the class on the same time every week, please add how many times you would like to take the class.  For example, if you are intending to take the classes on 6/9, 6/16, 6/23 and 6/30, enter 4.  Please note that if there is any cancelled class in between, it will skip and go to the next available class on the following week.

If you wish to mix and match the class time and date, please click on “choose additional time”.  This will take you back to the calendar page and will allow you to choose another class date/time.

After you are done signing up for the classes, simply click continue.  This will take you to the registration form followed by the confirmation page.


Step 3: Add more classes

If you would like to continue taking more classes after booking all the classes you purchased from the package, simply skip the step 1 and scroll down to step 2.  Select which location you would like to take the class at and you can purchase the classes one session at a time.

Questions? Please contact me.


Register for the Summer Weekly Classes