DRAW Portraits in Colored Pencil

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Ann Kullberg’s DRAW Portraits in Colored Pencil is finally here! The schedule ship date is February 22, 2016.  This book is packed with wealth of how-to’s from 29 colored pencil portrait artists around the world who have been hand-picked by Ann Kullberg!  I am very honored to be included as one of them.  It has been a humbling experience to be included in this fun and special project. I cannot thank Ann and her team enough for making this happen and giving us this wonderful opportunity to be published!

For those who are interested in learning how to do portrait art, I highly recommend this book.

Here is the book cover and the artwork featured in this book, Happiness is…  My special thanks to my client who has generously agreed to use this portrait in this book project and their patience in getting additional the reference photos requested for the project.  Check out my article in the book on the nose tutorial using a green substrate!


DRAW Portrait in Colored Pencil Cover and the artwork featured in the book.
Title: Happiness is…
Colored Pencil on 12″x16″ Sage Green Mat Board


Also, check out another great tutorial book published by Ann Kullberg, Cats & Dogs in Colored Pencil, published late last year.  This book features 70 international colored pencil artists around the world!


Cats & Dogs in Colored Pencil Cover and the featured article
Artwork Featured: Home Sweet Home
Colored Pencil on 9×12 Bristol Smooth Paper



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