January 16, 2017


What is it like to take my colored pencil classes?  Here are the testimonials given by my students.


“Being in Noriko’s class is honestly one of the best experiences for a soon-to-be, or improving artist. Your being taught by an exceptional artist herself, and she helps you understand colors in a new way. It’s a really nice class if your starting to get into art, or you’ve been doing it for years because it’s like she’s giving you another set of eyes to see your artwork. Every time I go in, and spend a class with her I leave knowing something new and wanting to learn more! Two hours may seem like a while, but to me, time flies by! I would recommend Noriko’s class to anyone who wants to learn how to work with color pencils!” – Natalie Khmelevsky, 5th Grade

“Noriko is a kind, caring, and patient teacher. She loves what she does and it reflects through her teachings. She wants you to succeed. She lets you work at your pace and critiques your work gently, showing where improvements can be made for your own benefit. She makes sure with each picture you work on, that you go out of your comfort zone allowing you to grow in your skill. She is an amazing teacher and artist and I have improved my art abilities so much by being in her class for only a short period of time. Thank you Noriko for all the help and guidance.” – Anik L., 9th Grade

“Ms. Noriko has been such a blessing! When I first started at the Art house this past summer, I had little experience with colored pencils. Now, after only six months my parents and I can see vast improvement! Ms. Noriko is very encouraging to all the students, no matter what age or skill level. She is also extremely patient – important for tutoring rowdy art students! 🙂 She offers homeschool classes which have fit into my schedule perfectly!  I would highly recommend Ms. Noriko to ANY student interested in colored pencils!” – Sarah H., 12th Grade

“My experience has been excellent.  Noriko is the personification of a teacher, mentor. I am always encouraged to go beyond my perceived limits.  I highly recommend this class!” – Mike Todryk

“I have studied drawing and painting on and off for over 20 years and never having worked with color pencil, I signed up for Noriko’s class and I have been extremely pleased!  I am impressed by her professionalism and supportive teaching style. Noriko engages her students in thinking through the process as they build their drawings.  She meets each student where they are developmentally and challenges them to stretch and do more while providing the stepping stones to reach their goals.  Through discussion of composition, color and technique, the finished work completed by young and mature is exceptional.  I am looking forward to continued study with Noriko.”   – Liz Cena

“When Anna first started Noriko’s class, I knew that she was in the right place.  Her elementary art class was always very rushed (which is not her preferred way to work).  Noriko started the first class off by saying “and you can take as much time on this drawing as you’d like”.  It was exactly what Anna needed to hear!  This encouraged her to focus on details and to grow as an artist. Noriko really seems to understand how to best channel her artistic abilities.  The class is a calm and supportive place where all of the artists encourage each other.  Within a few weeks of starting the colored pencil class, I really was amazed!  Anna was combining colors and using techniques that I thought she was way too young to comprehend.  Everyone in Anna’s life has been amazed at the colored pencil drawings that she has made in Noriko’s class.” – Susan Gonzalez