October 3, 2017

How to Schedule and Pay the Monthly Tuition for the Weekly Classes

Here is a quick how-to guide on registering for your Weekly Colored Pencil Class.

Go to the Scheduling Page

Step 1: Go to the Scheduling Page and Select Your Class


Please go to the Scheduling page link.  If you have a gift certificate code issued by me for a session credit from the previous month, please enter your code by clicking the “Redeem Package or Gift Certificate” button.  Select your class time from the list and click on your class time.

Step 2: Schedule for Your Classes



Choose the Class Dates

You will see the calendar for your class time.  Select the first class date of the month and click on “Add More Class Times”.

A new pop-up window will open.  From a drop-down menu, select “4” or “5” if there is 5 sessions in that month.  Click “Add Recurring Times” to go back to the calendar page.

You should see the list of your class times at the bottom of the page.  If any of the classes are cancelled, it would show in a red letter with a line crossed and you will not be charged for the cancelled classes.  Click on “Done with booking all class dates” button to proceed to the registration and payment page.

If you made a mistake and wish to start over, simply click on “Select your class time and dates” tab to return to the previous page.

Questions? Please contact me.


Register for the Weekly Classes